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Review - "I ought to be in pictures" - FDS production exceptional

One always expects an entertaining evening at one of FDS's productions but, on Friday 26 October, the cast excelled itself beyond all previous plays seen by this reviewer.

All of the three cast members dominated the stage with equal conviction and confidence. Their American accents never faltered and the action, although limited to one setting, rolled along at a good pace.

The scene was the sitting room of the less than successful Hollywood script writer, Herb Tucker, played with humour and just the right amount of weary resignation by Chris Franks.

Holly Seijo played his daughter, Libby, with whom he had had no contact for 19 years. Now 22, she bounced into his life and sitting room, having hitch hiked from Brooklyn, claiming she wanted him to help her become a film actress. Holly delivered her asides and one-liners with aplomb, raising many a laugh from the audience.

Tania Todd played the long-suffering Herb's girlfriend, Steffy Blondel, putting up with his fear of commitment and lack of writing inspiration. She gave a heart-warming and endearing performance, offering advice to both parties, bringing them together to clear the air and understand the history of their situation.

The one and only flaw spotted by this viewer was the clock which never strayed from 9:20 - and none of the cast commented on this, even when the script called for a mention of 'it's noon'!

I cannot recommend highly enough this production. Congratulations to all the cast and stage hands - particularly whoever painted the bathroom door, following Libby's arrival and transformation of the gloomy bungalow. Finally, a special commendation must go to the director, Nick Abbott, who certainly pulled out all the stops in getting his cast to provide such a wonderful performance.

Margot Rohan - Orpington Community

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